N9-OS / Empower Privacy, Embolden Liberty

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=> N9-OS 2023 <=

Visit the link below to see the new and improved N9-OS 2023 Interface:

Some of the Newest Cool Features/Improvements include:

  • Built with the Newest 6.0.12 Kernel.
  • The newest N9-OS will be released on a 256GB USB – stick.
  • N9-OS Improved RAM-2-USB Sync detection/execution.
  • N9-OS USB-emergency folder is now Immutable.
  • N9-OS Extended Symlink Check during Initial Install.
  • N9-OS Improved Status Messages during Initial Install.
  • N9-OS supports a TRIPLE-Repo-Structure (Online, Offline, Failsafe), blessing You with the Ability to CHOOSE between Application Versions where YOU decide IF and WHEN you wish to Update/Upgrade Your Favorite Application(s).
  • N9-OS uses TWO USB-based OFFLINE Repo’s; an OFFLINE Mirrored Copy for Increased Privacy and (Application) Stability, and an OFFLINE Failsafe Kernel-Based-Repo which will Always be 100% Compatible with the Kernel-in-Use.
  • Single-Click-Switch Between OFFLINE and FAILSAFE – Repo.
  • The Flatpak – environment now uses its own Dedicated Partition for Increased Mobility and Speed.
  • Increased Startup Speed during Flatpak Initial Load.
  • 200 Single-Click Installable/Updatable/Removable Flatpak Apps.
  • 81 pre-configured pre-installed FlatPaks.
  • 99 pre-configured ready-for-action AppImages.
  • 44 Included Auto-Update Scripts for “Change-Often-Apps”.
  • Basic Versioning Control within the Updates – folder.
  • Future Proof State-of-the-art Eliptic-Curve-Encryption.
  • Extremely Stable VPN-client/server Environment that offers UltraFast UltraSecure Encrypted Internet loading any MultiMedia-Website in under 2 (two) seconds, while loading most Websites in a fraction of a second.
  • Ten (10) hardened VPN entry-node servers.
  • Ten (10) VPN-Stunnel High-Anonymity Squid Exit Nodes.
  • Ten (10) Privacy Enhanced Privoxy-TOR Exit nodes.
  • Dual Encrypted Randomized. (VPN-Stunnel) tunnels.
  • The Ability to build 5-node tor-chains (VPN-STUNNEL-TORx3).
  • The Ability to auto-randomize up to 100-different Pre-Tor routes.
  • The ability to resolve 170.000+ DNS-queries from RAM.
  • Improved Security Profiles for the LAN-WAN PRIM PROXY.
  • Menu-Driven ability to execute 40 Most Frequently Used Sed/AWK – commands and output/open the result to Nano, Pluma or Geany.
  • 20 GB Seafile-Cloud-Storage (VPN-Access ONLY).
  • 10 GB Seafile-Cloud-Storage (Globally Accessible).
  • 5 GB Disk Encrypted VPN/TLS-Encrypted FTP-Server-Storage.
  • N9-OS is fully UEFI-compatible.
  • N9-OS Supports two-step UEFI – “circumvention”. (Default CD-ROM RAM-boot => Execute USB-Install-Script => N9-OS-Install-Script will Auto-Copy N9-OS from USB Into RAM mimicking the pre-install environment of a regular USB-boot.
  • Newest versions of Cryptomater, Element, Encryptpad, qTox, Proton Mail, Session, Signal, Speek, Telegram, Tutanota Mail, Veracrypt and WhatsApp to improve your Privacy and Security.
  • Auto-detect Newer Browser/Application Version in Offline-Repo.
  • Improved Single-Click REPO Online/Offline Synchronization.
  • The ability to run Browser AppImages WITHOUT a Profile, preventing the Privacy-threat of data-accumulation “on-the-fly”.
  • The Menu-Driven Ability to Use Browser AppImages with 8 (eight) different Security Profiles (Default, Fast, Private, Oldschool, Tor-Modus, Tor-Modus No-JS No-CK, Hosts-Only, Dual-Squid).
  • N9-OS 6.0.12 Kernel Works Flawlessly with WMware Player 17.x meaning you can Install VMWare Player directly into RAM, allowing you to execute UltraFast Virtual Machines/Disks From within the RAM-OS [provided you have enough RAM – available on your Hardware Device…].
  • GUI DevOps – Menu added, cause Coding is Cool.
  • GUI System – Menu Added, to Quickly Connect/Sync/Backup.
  • GUI Various – Menu Reorganized into a Powerful Cohesive Unit.
  • Improved GUI – Office Menu with Office/Outlook Electron Apps.
  • Similar GUI – Applications Now use Identical Symbolic Icons.




N9-OS => Powerful Privacy Protection.
N9-OS => Volatile Zero-Trace RAM-OS.
N9-OS => YOU Control the OS-environment.
N9-OS => YOU Control the Application-environment.
N9-OS => 100% USB-based Application Mobility.
N9-OS => 100% USB-based Hardware Mobility.
N9-OS => NO (zero) OS-Snooping/Telemetry.
N9-OS => Always a Fresh Clean OS after Start/Reboot.
N9-OS => State-of-the-Art Eliptic Curve Encryption.
N9-OS => 4.000.000+ Internet Threat Protection.
N9-OS => Dual-Tier Client-Server Firewall Protection.
N9-OS => Immune to Viruses due to Pre-Load Checksum.
N9-OS => Immune to Malware due to Pre-Load Checksum.
N9-OS => Much less Prone to Hardware Failure (RAM-OS).
N9-OS => Works on a Large Variety of Hardware.
N9-OS => Identical OS on all Your Hardware.
N9-OS => Powerful Flexible Flatpak Environment.
N9-OS => Flatpak Auto-Update Support.
N9-OS => Application Auto-Update Support.
N9-OS => Repo Auto-Update Support.
N9-OS => Supports 8 Different Browser Security Modes.
N9-OS => Fully Pre-Configured DNSMasQ.
N9-OS => Fully Pre-Configured Privoxy Proxy.
N9-OS => Fully Pre-Configured Squid Proxy.
N9-OS => Fully Pre-Configured VPN – Access.
N9-OS => Fully Pre-Configured Stunnel – Access.
N9-OS => Fully Pre-Configured VPN-Stunnel – tunnels.
N9-OS => Makes Everything MUCH FASTER (RAM-OS).
N9-OS => Capable of Loading Most Websites INSTANTLY.

Empower Privacy,

Embolden Liberty

N9-OS… because Freedom needs to be Real