Privacy Policy

Table of content:

1. Privacy Policy / Who we are.
2. Privacy Policy / What personal data we collect.
3. Privacy Policy / Whom we share Your data with.
4. Privacy Policy / How long we retain Your data.
5. Privacy Policy / What Rights You have over Your data.
6. Privacy Policy / Where we send Your data.
7. Privacy Policy / Our contact information.
8. Privacy Policy / Information with regards to 3rd-Parties.

Who we are

SecPurSang is a Dutch based IT-company who builds their own Secure Private RAM-OS called “N9-OS” (pronounced as “Nine OS”). N9-OS is a USB-stick based Zero-Trace-Privacy OS, a fully pre-configured RAM-Only Operating System with its own OFFLINE USB – based repository. N9-OS boots/loads from a USB-stick from where it is installed/loaded into RAM-memory by executing an install script.

II. Privacy Policy / What personal data we store

Scales of Justice

When ordering a product from our WooCommerce Webshop the following data will be stored in order for us to be able to fulfill/complete your USB – stick purchasing order:

  • First Name (Can be anything – We Don’t Need your First Name)
  • Last Name (MUST be Accurate, to assure the delivery of the N9-OS 256GB USB-stick)
  • Country (MUST be Accurate, to assure the delivery of the N9-OS 256GB USB-stick)
  • Street Address (MUST be Accurate, to assure the delivery of the N9-OS 256GB USB-stick)
  • Postcode/ZIP (MUST be Accurate, to assure the delivery of the N9-OS 256GB USB-stick)
  • Town/City (MUST be Accurate, to assure the delivery of the N9-OS 256GB USB-stick)
  • Phone (Can be anything – We Don’t Need your Phone Number)
  • Email address (MUST be Accurate, to send you an Order Confirmation)

By using our Webshop you agree to the terms as stated in this Privacy Policy, which includes the fact that your Personal Data will be stored for a maximum period of 12 months inside the database of our Webshop environment, after which it is automatically deleted and permanently removed.

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this site may include external links (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.) to other websites. Clicking on such an external link will mean that you leave our website and arrive onto another website over which we have no control whatsoever.

These external websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with their externally linked content.

We only use high quality links on our website with the sole aim of providing you with additional (helpful) information with regards to the topic as to which they have been linked.

We do NOT use ads, click-bait, false redirections, 3rd-Party tracking or analysis – software, and/or any other form of web site monitoring. Anything you encounter in using our webshop is the direct result of WooCommerce standard installation options and the WooCommerce PayPal Plugin.


To enhance your Privacy we do NOT use any type of Tracking and/or Analytics software, so your website visit/behavior is neither stored, nor analyzed, tracked and/or shared whatsoever.

The ONLY logging that (may) occur(s) on our website would be (IF AND ONLY IF) when the security applications we use to protect our website detect unusual behavioral patterns at the network layer. As a regular “ordinary” visitor of our website you should neither encounter nor be affected by these network defense mechanisms in any way, shape or form.

III. Privacy Policy / Whom we share Your data with


We NEVER share Your Data with anyone because we believe Privacy is a Basic Human Right. Your data belongs to YOU and nobody else.

The ONLY data that is ever transferred from our webshop to a 3rd-Party is strictly functional, with regards to 3rd-Party Parcel Providers, and related to our legal obligation with regards to fulfilling/completing your USB-stick purchasing order. (Please visit the “What Third Parties we Send Data To” – section for more details on the strictly functional data we share with 3rd-Party Parcel Providers).

IV. Privacy Policy / How long we retain Your data

IF (and ONLY IF) you order a product via our WooCommerce Webshop your purchasing order, including the Data you provided to us during that Purchase, will be stored for a maximum period of 12 months inside the database of our Webshop environment, after which it is automatically deleted and permanently removed.

If (and ONLY IF) you order a product via Email ( your purchasing data will be stored for thirty days (one month) inside an encrypted Email-account.

After one month the content of the email (and the email itself) will be permanently removed/erased/deleted.

Your data will NEVER be sold, shared and/or handed over to anyone whatsoever unless we are ordered to do so by a Court of Law.

The Netherlands has Strict Privacy Laws and Independent Rule of Law, therefor your data should be considered relatively safe against arbitrary state intervention and/or Rogue Cowboys.

For users that register on our website (if any), we also store the personal information they provide in their user profile. Any user can see, edit, or delete his/her personal information at any time (except they cannot change their username).

What rights you have over your data

A Judges Hammer

If you have an account on this site — other than data provided when engaging in purchase(s) made via our Webshop or Email — you can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you that is NOT related to the inner workings of our WooCommerce Webshop. This request may not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes and may not be in violation of the storage length policy we have set for our Webshop (12 Months) and/or Email (1 Month).

You may address such a Privacy Related Request (PRR) to:

On average we should be able to provide you with a valid response to your PRR within 3 to 5 working days.

VI. Where we send Your data

Your data NEVER leaves our Secure Website Environment, which is based in the Netherlands, which means that Dutch and European Privacy Laws apply to any data we may be obliged to store.

Everything you view on our website and everything stored in our Webshop is protected by Encryption, Country Based Acces Control Lists, Expert Level Firewall Security and TRIPLE Layer Network Security meaning that it would require rather extraordinary skills to gain unauthorized access to your data.

The Swiss – based Email – environment (Protonmail) we use is also protected by Encryption.

VII. Privacy Policy / Our contact information

You may contact us at should any part of this Privacy Disclaimer give you any doubt as towards our Ironclad Commitment in Securing and Protecting Your Basic Human Right to Privacy.

How we protect Your data

Your data is secured by encryption and protected by multiple Geo-Aware Security Applications that have been designed and configured to prevent attacks before they occur, based on the Countries/IP-ranges from which these potential attacks may originate.

To further decrease the potential of unauthorized access to our Website/WebShop – data we BLOCK ALL VPN-Proxy Based Access Attempts to our Website/WebShop by default.

What data breach procedures we have in place

To minimize your exposure to data-beaches we take the following precautionary measures:

  • Webshop => After 12 months we remove as much personally identifiable information as possible from your Webshop purchasing order without distorting the inner logic of our Webshop.
  • Email => After 30 days (1 month) we remove/delete/erase the content of the Email you used to contact us with and the email itself. Within the mandatory 1-month retainment period your Email – address will NEVER shared with anyone else.

VIII. Privacy Policy / Third Parties

What third parties we Receive data from

IF (and ONLY if) you use our WooCommerce Webshop while choosing PayPal as your means of Payment, will your data be processed by PayPal (or one of their subsidiaries) and will said aforementioned Payment Data be subject to PayPal‘s Privacy Policy with regards to Payment Data Provided/Processed.

Find out more about PayPal and their corresponding Privacy Policy by visiting their website.

What Third Parties we Send Data To

You purchasing our “N9-OS 256GB USB-stick” requires Payment-and-Delivery, meaning that you pay us and we assure the delivery of said aforementioned USB-stick to the Valid “Brick-and-Mortar Real-Word-Recipient-Address” that you provide us with while purchasing the USB-stick in question.

The actual delivery of the USB-stick itself is made by a 3rd-Party Parcel Provider (such as UPC, DPD etc.).

In order for these 3rd-Party Parcel Provider(s) to deliver the “N9-OS 256GB USB-stick” you previously ordered, we will share with them the Valid “Brick-and-Mortar Real-Word Recipient-Address” you provided us with in completing your purchase. This includes your last name, your postal code, your street address and the city and country you live in, the absolute minimum required information necessary for these 3rd-Party Parcel Provider(s) to deliver the actual “N9-OS 256GB USB-stick” to the Valid “Brick-and-Mortar Real-Word-Recipient-Address” that you provided us with while purchasing the USB-stick in question.

Your Name, Postal Code, Street Address, City and Country are the ONLY data any 3rd-Party Parcel Provider will ever receive from us.

The data that resides inside our webshop will NEVER, under NO circumstance whatsoever, be shared with anyone unless ordered to do so by a Court of law, at which point we will have an independent laywer reviewing the need, necessity, scope and validity of said aforementioned Court order.

I don’t like/trust third-party payment providers

If you don’t like the idea of needing to use third-party payment providers to order N9-OS, then order your USB-stick via Email ( and Pay with Crypto-Currency. (Bitcoin – BTC). We Will provide you with the relevant BTC-address in our Response Email.