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I. Disclaimer / Liability


SecPurSang takes the greatest possible care with regards to securing its website environment, securing and testing its software products, securing its Server Backend Infrastructure and providing you with accurate information as to how we protect and process your data. It is nevertheless possible that the information provided and the security measures taken may prove inadequate and/or inaccurate as to guarantee your Security, Anonimity and Privacy.

SecPurSang expressly disclaims all liability for any loss occasioned by access to and use of the information on our Websites, our Webshop, our Software Products and use of our Server Backend Environment.

The content of the SecPursang.nl – website and nineos.nl – website is intended to provide general information, it should NOT be understood as a form of recommendation or advice. Although we make an extraordinary effort to Test and Secure our Software Products and Server environment they CANNOT be considered to be free of software bugs, human error, inaccurate assumptions and/or faulty judgements. Therefore you will agree to use our Webites, our Webshop, our Software Products, our USB-stick and our Server – environment at Your Own Risk.

SecPurSang, the company, its owner, its management and staff, disclaim all liability for information and/or recommendations published on our Websites and Services to which our Software provides access.

No rights may be derived from the information provided on our websites.

SecPurSang disclaims all liability for the consequences of actions taken on the basis of information provided on our websites and for all electronic communications that occur through the use of our VPN/Stunnel Servers, our Software Products, our USB-stick and our Server – environment.

Our Privacy Policy and this Disclaimer may be revised without prior notice and/or warning, therefore you are advised to (re)read it on a regular basis.

II. Disclaimer / No Guarantees


SecPurSang offers their websites, webshop, Software Products, USB-stick and Corresponding VPN/Stunnel Server Environment on an ‘as is’ basis.

While the greatest possible care has been taken to secure our Software Products, Websites, Webshop, USB-stick and VPN/Stunnel Server Environment, NO guarantee or representation, either express or implied, is given as to the reasonableness, accuracy, validity or completeness of the security measures taken and the information published on the website to which the websites gives access.

SecPurSang disclaims all liability for consequences of non-availability or undisturbed access to the Websites, Webshop, our Software Products, our USB-stick and our Server – environment at any time. Our Websites, Webshop, Software Products, VPN/Stunnel servers and Server Backend Infrastructure may be shut down temporarily or permanently at any time without prior notice.

SecPurSang does not warrant their Websites, Webshop, Sofware Products, USB-stick, VPN/Stunnel Servers and Server Backend – environment to be free of software bugs, viruses, malware, human error and/or faulty judgements, although we do (and always will) put in an extraordinary effort in an attempt to make it so.

The above disclaimer by SecPurSang applies equally to all temporary staff and third parties employed by SecPurSang, although to date we have never needed to employ any 3rd-Party as such.

III. Intellectual property rights


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